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Interest Rates Going UP?

  It’s true. It was bound to happen, but here it is and of course it is no fun at all. By now most people have heard from the news, their neighbors or the incessant stream of commercials that rates on mortgages have risen. By and large the increase has been .5-.75% on any given […]

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What are points? And should I pay them?

Ahh, good ole points.  Often people ask about points without truly understanding what they are or how they can help or hurt you.  Points are essentially our industry’s way of saying percentage points. They are used for one reason; to compensate the lender for writing the loan. Now, some say you can “buy down” the […]

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Why is my loan taking so long??

If you are finding yourself in week 5 of a process that feels very similar to a root canal, but without a decent magazine…you may have a bad lender. If you every time you speak to your lender (when he/she answers your call) you get vague timeline answers such as “as soon as this is […]

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Should I refinance now or wait?

A lot of different factors go into answering this question, such as your current situation or where current mortgage rates are at the time.  Rates, by and large, are at historic low levels.  Could they go up? Of course, so if you have a higher rate of interest than what is available it might be […]

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Welcome to the New Oklahoma Mortgage Insider

Oklahoma Mortgage Insider is an easy way for you to navigate the world of home financing and get some straight, simple answers to your mortgage related questions and be sure you are using the right person to help you achieve your goals. It seems every other site on the internet is packed full of “APPLY […]

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How do I know if it “makes sense” to refinance?

If you talk to 10 lenders, you’ll probably get 13 different answers to this question. At the end of the day, it might make sense for one person to refinance, while it might not for another.  One of the many ways to look at it is simply; does it help my financial situation? If refinancing […]

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