WE CLOSE ON TIME!!!…congrats

So often I see lenders in our market and many other national markets who so heavily pride themselves on closing on time. Their chests swell with pride and they speak of the “on time close” like it is some fabled creature that only they have managed to tame. Here is the reality… A LOT of people close time. It is our job to close on time.

Bragging about closing on time is like your Uber driver bragging about dropping you off at your destination…it’s kind of expected. Now clearly there are those in any market who don’t close on time, you know who they are, heck even they know who they are, but many quality local lenders are well versed in their craft and can ensure that the deal closes on time. I have found that when a lender realizes the gravity of what they do, they end up being a better lender.

Personally, I take my job very seriously. There are numerous families and business partners whose lives and lively hoods are in limbo until the deal closes. Understanding that important aspect of lending leads to a sense of urgency, a sense of urgency leads to ensuring no time is wasted, and when no time is wasted …deals close on time.

Here is to an amazing 2018!


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