About Matt

Matt Brown mortgage oklahomaHi, my name is Matt Brown. I want to give you a little insight into me and what makes me different than every other mortgage guy out there. So here is a little background, but if after reading this you still feel as though there is so much more to know, all you need to do is call ;).

I grew up here in Oklahoma City, went to Bishop McGuinness High School and later received my BBA in International Business & Trade from the University of Central Oklahoma.  I started in the mortgage industry back in 2001 and over the past 18 years have seen numerous changes to how the industry is regulated and how loans are originated.  The industry has come so very far since those days. Since then regulations have tightened as well, meaning a lot of the “competition” that was giving the industry a bad name has moved on to other things, not sure what exactly, but other things none the less.

In my current role as Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending at The First State Bank, I am able to bring the highest level of customer service possible in the industry.  The bank and myself included have a philosophy that customer service, communication, and treating a client as you would like to be treated can go a long way in developing a long term relationship.  Through the years I have become familiar with numerous financing options including; Jumbo financing, FHA loans, VA loans, USDA, HUD 184 Native American loans, and of course any type of conventional loan product. By aligning myself with The First State Bank I have access to numerous options that the “big box” banks and mortgage brokers do not. At the end of the day, my goal is to provide you with the best possible financing options, the best possible service, and the best possible experience one can have while acquiring financing for the largest asset many people will ever have.

Now that you understand a little about my back ground and my business philosophy I really want to give you some insight into who I am.  First and foremost, I have been blessed with a family that is truly a gift from above. My wife, Sarah Brown, is a violinist with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic.  Together we have a 2 amazing sons. Cooper, our first born, was our first blessing greater than either of us could have imagined. Then 2 years later we were blessed yet again by the arrival of our second son, Brody. My faith and my family truly are the foundation to which everything else is built. When I am not spending time with my family or at work I can be found at the gym, playing basketball, golfing, and spending time with those I am fortunate enough to call friends.